Herbal Electrolyte

Our unique formulation made out of Sugandhi, Estimathu, Satavari, Dates and Useera makes the perfect electrolyte for our body.

This mix helps individuals from dehydration and weakness in summer climate there keeps the body cool .

We use non sugar based sweetener so that we don’t add up calories retaining the healthy benefits.

Due to low calories drink, It can be used by fitness enthusiasts and can still stay hydrated all day .

Widely used in the treatment of urinary tract infection(UTI) in females and kids.

As a good side effect it acts as blood purifier.

Breast lumps

(Fibroadenoma and Fibroadenosis)

Fibroadenomas are solid, noncancerous breast lumps caused by benign tumor.

Reproductive hormones may cause fibroadenomas.

Fibroadenosis (Fibrocystic breast disease ) is a benign growth abnormality of the breast, causing lumpiness and tenderness

Our ayurvedic medicine can effectively cure the Fibroadenosis and Fibroadenoma.

Our medicine comes in two forms:

  1. Patches
  2. Oil

We have several customers who have used it and benefited from it as there is no other medicine as this in the market.

It is also an effective medicine for people suffering from air bubbles in Uterus.

Widely used in treatment for Varicose veins.

Non Healing Diabetic Wounds

Our natural formulation heals wounds, cuts, burns and ulcers arising out of diabetes and other medical conditions.

This can effectively cure your wounds without leaving scar on the the burned/infected tissue helpful for cosmetic purposes

The anti biotic and anti inflammatory properties of the product helps in faster healing process

Extremely helpful for people suffering from diabetic foot, non healing wounds, burns.